just in case

“I’m having an okay time, but this isn’t a party I want to be responsible for inviting anyone else to, just in case they really don’t like it.”

Okay, so this may not seem immediately related to the issue of having childrenhand, which it is, by the way.  As far as I can tell, it’s a pretty easy decision for the majority of humanity. Or maybe not even a decision at all, just a basic and natural progression in life. Personally, I never felt that way about it. I have no animal urge to breed, to produce offspring, to make babies.  So why do people have kids? Because everyone else is doing it? Because it’s hardwired into their most basic programming? Because they like children?

I like kids. I mean I’m not drippy, gooey mental about them but they’re fun, they’re cute, they’re interesting. However, actually having children, to me, isn’t a thing. It’s not a matter of making a baby or a child. It’s making a human being who will be a baby or a child for a very short period of time. Before you know it, they’ll grow up and be another person forced to attend a sometimes good, sometimes boring and sometimes rotten party.  Oh, the responsibility!