picking wounds

Image“I’m not in a good place place right now”

I don’t know that much about psychotherapy. I’ve read a bit about it, I’ve spoken to a few people and, by the power of Grayskull, I have a strong opinion about it.

My understanding of psychotherapy is this: I’m going to talk about myself and everything I feel and think, and someone is going to take me seriously, indulge my every thought and comment, and help me come to conclusions, half conclusions … or maybe just more confusion. People who enter therapy are emotionally damaged or fragile, or both. Let’s call this the ‘wound’. This wound is poked at and picked at on a regular basis so it never gets a chance to heal!

The best types of therapy are those that allow the very complex human brain to charge up, to spin around and to view things differently – music therapy, sports therapy, pet therapy, dance therapy, laughter therapy: things which provide distraction, fulfillment, inspiration, pleasure, creativity and physical exhaustion, thus giving the emotionally-turmoiled individual the opportunity to rest, to heal and to finally view whatever is wrong from a tolerable angle. Or ignore it, nothing wrong with ignoring it. So much better than ever decreasing, self-obsessed wound-picking circles.