emotionally charged diversions


“It’s a little baby!”

Here’s a topic that drives me mad. I’ll endeavour to show restraint and be succinct.

I’ll probably never have an abortion. After all, I have an easy life – I’ve never had to struggle for control, education, money or direction. I don’t need look far to see that life is not like this for everyone in my country, my continent or, indeed, the rest of world.

What I’m saying is, if I get pregnant, I won’t want an abortion. I’m likely to have some degree of choice in the conception and also have the ability to deal with the consequences. If someone else leading a very different life to me gets pregnant and is desperate for an abortion, I would prefer they had the option to terminate the pregnancy with the aid of medically trained staff in a sterile environment rather than, for example, using a coat-hanger and some chemicals in whatever space they can find.

And that’s all there is to the argument. Don’t be dragged down the endless emotionally charged diversions debating consciousness, fear-mongering issues like gender selection, and judging necessity. These should be left to medical professionals in conjunction with lawmakers and, finally, the ethical considerations of each individual in their own circumstances.