don’t look, honey!

decency“I have nothing against gay people. I actually know several and I love them.”

I just read a great blog from someone complaining about a homosexual kiss being broadcast on their New Year’s Eve channel of choice.  She was worried it would confuse her young daughter.  She went on to say that homosexuality isn’t normal and that is goes against nature. Really?  People still say things like this?  So, I guess in that case, people with sterility issues aren’t normal and go against nature: perhaps we should consider shunning them and keeping them off the TV.  Someone also ought to explain to the homosexual penguins and dragonflies that their lifestyle choice can no longer be televised.

I find it somewhat distressing and disheartening to be reminded that I am outnumbered by people in this world who have such ridiculously outdated and insular outlooks on life.  It’s not even just a question of moving beyond 1950s religious conservative notions (which I assume this comes from) but it belies a sense of decency to the myriad shaping of fellow human beings and any biological understanding of the world we live in.