my conversion to a-religious agnosticism


I think I’m going to have do an uncool thing here.  I’m going to have to declare myself a big old woolly agnostic.  I don’t have a lack of belief in gods: I have a belief that gods don’t exist.  But I can’t say I’m totally, totally sure I’m right because I don’t actually understand all (or any??) of the science that explains how the world came into existence and I can’t be sure that even if I did, I wouldn’t think there’s still a minuscule and weird possibility that some benign, benevolent or malevolent supernatural force exists outside my understood reality.

As a newly converted agnostic from atheism, I’m feeling rather isolated.  And I’m wondering if the whiff of desperation not to be viewed as agnostic that I occasionally sense from atheists comes down to their utter rejection of Christianity and their desire not to be seen as generally a bit wobbly in their lack of belief.  Maybe I’ll re-label myself a committed a-religious agnostic.  Anyone with me?

Because one thing I am sure of, is that the various versions of the organised religion that dominates my society are both logically and morally flawed.  I think I know a fair bit about it, but the more I read, the more I despair.  Or laugh, depending on the angle the author takes.  God Loves Killing Children was the detailed revelation of today.  I’d be interested to hear the justification any Christians have for the word of their god on these delightful occasions.  I can’t imagine how ‘oh, you’ve taken this out of context’ would quite do the trick here.

I think that the good work that atheists are doing to force Christians into considering their religion more carefully is invaluable.  Most Christians nowadays don’t actually condone killing children (as far as I’m aware), but maybe highlighting things like this will help them realise they need to think more carefully about what’s going on in that holy book of theirs.  Because if killing children really isn’t okay under any circumstances, maybe other things, or indeed EVERYTHING, needs to be re-evaluated too.