my re-conversion to atheism from a-religious agnoticism


I’m confused …. you’ve moved from atheist to woolly agnostic? It’s usually the other way around.

A few days ago, after reading some atheist posts denying the possibility of any supernatural force behind the scenes, I got to thinking that I must be agnostic. I was wrong. Apparently, the fact that I can’t prove to myself that there isn’t a bunch of deities behind a black hole having a tea party and laughing at us all taking life too seriously, doesn’t mean that I’m agnostic.

I’m an atheist because I think all religion is utter nonsense (and most of it harmful); I think there isn’t a cat’s chance in hell that any gods exist; and I have seen no evidence for the existence of any kind of supernatural force.

I’d like to thank all the people who have helped me on my journey of self-discovery. I’ve been saved from many an uncomfortable moment with confused would-be converter types, and can now breath a sigh of woolly-free relief!