comment of the month

In response to some kind words uttered by the man who is now the new Catholic Pope, I did a short post on abortion yesterday.  I got the usual dig in about the unwelcome opinions of white, middle class men on this topic.  Unfortunately for me and my barbed comments, a (presumably) white, middle class man has come along to give his own opinion on the subject, which perfectly sums up exactly how I feel regarding the rest of it, without me having to do any of the thinking or attempted expression.  So, in the interests of giving my favourite comment of the month a wider airing, here’s Rautakyy:

We may recognize the seriousness of the issue, without demanding black and white morals. If the Christians who call themselves pro-life are such, why are they not demanding more sexual education to schools, as it seems to be the best way to lessen the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. All abortions, the legal medical ones and the coathanger desperation type of abortions as well.

All moral reasons against legal and professionally made abortion before half way through the pregnancy, I have ever run into, are religious and dogmatic in nature. However, I have never run into the Bible passage, that even remotely refers to this issue. It is a fine example how religions as authoritarian self serving constructs are twisting the social morals of human societies.

If the alledged creator god is so much against abortion, why does it not clearly state that in the holy book? And why does that same god cause innumerable amounts of misscarriages? It makes no sense, and it also works as a perfect example how the science is on a constant collision course with this iron age information based cultural movement.

The fetus has no neural capacity to have any personality during the early pregnancy and only very slowly does it even develope. There is no magical point of entry for a human individual other than the birth, but the developement has begun before that. And even the newborn baby is not fully developed human being, but that does not mean we are unable to identify when the human fetus starts to have enough neural capacity to be recognized as an individual being. Should that individual have same legal rights as the moter or even more as some people seem to be demanding? Of course not. A child does not have the same legal rights as an adult in any culture.

Does one not smell the fish when religious leadership (men wearing skirts) are against anything remotely referring to sexual liberation of women? Of anything, that might remove women from subservient position as the reproductive organ to produce more tithe payers? Do they not reveal their ideal, that women should be confined to homes as the property of their husbands and fathers?

And people, both women and men, who have lived protected lives, where they have never faced a particular type of hardship are, oh, so eager to condemn other people in completely different situations. Most often people who have had it worse, because it seems to give some peace of conscience how one has so well of oneself in comparrison to other people. The subconscious seems to appease guilt by inserting this selfrighteous thought, that any harm that happens to other people has to be their own fault.

It is obvious, that to a woman, who is not a total psychopat, abortion is a big issue. Even the knowledge of ending a potential human being from developing into it’s full potential is a big question. But it is her decision. And there is no scientific evidence, that a soul was inserted into a fetus at the point of conception. That is superstition, wether an individual believes it is so or not. No laws should be based on superstition, but only on actual verifiable information. And no one religion or other cult should have a right to define how people who are not adherents of that particular sect may conduct their lives.

Sorry about the long comment, but even though I am a man, I am capable of compassion and empathy to the women who have to make that choise. So, it makes me angry, that there are people who try to make that allready very difficult situation even more difficult to them.