taking life seriously


Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court or kill you.

I’ve blogged about abortion before and tried to keep it as simple as possible, because it’s a massively complex, emotionally charged area, and it’s so easy to get lost and distracted down endless moral dilemma tunnels. 

It’s a well-acknowledged irony that all too often males make the rules in this area. So, I am personally delighted to see another white man in his 70s, who has no wife or children of his own, who works with exclusively male peers, making such an impassioned plea about this baby-friendly subject, all on behalf of his deity, who smote the lives of children with impunity.

However, this is by no means a straightforward topic.  I’m definitely of the opinion that attempting to create new life is a serious responsibility that all too often people get into by accident, for fun or just because it’s biologically and/or culturally natural.  I would personally prefer it if everyone took it a lot more seriously, and carefully considered why they want children before they leap in.  I think it’s serious to attempt pregnancy and it’s serious to terminate pregnancy. I’m not convinced by any arguments that pretend that life isn’t terminated in an abortion.

But I will fight tooth and nail for access to safe and legal abortion for any woman who feels it’s necessary. Because not everyone has the opportunity for the careful, educated and serious decision making I would prefer to see. Having been through pregnancy and birth, I understand just how physically and mentally traumatic the experience is.  Sure, it’s a ‘wonderful’ experience if you have a ‘wonderful’ slant on it. I chose to conceive, I understood the consequences, and I have the emotional and practical resources to bring up a child. Would I dare judge the choices of women who have none of that, and less, going for them? Could it ever be considered a good idea to remove the legal option and accept the unavoidable consequences of home made mutilation?

“A human being is a human being.  Location doesn’t make a difference.” Certainly no difference to a man who will never carry a baby in his body.  And while I acknowledge life is terminated in any abortion, it’s pushing it to define an embryo as a human being.  Potential human being does not equal human being.  I’d prioritise the fully formed adult with real life connections, responsibilities and serious psychological concerns.  The fully formed adult who would have to bear the burden of responsibility for a pregnancy that, for whatever reason, they do not want.  The fully formed adult who maybe didn’t have the chance to choose the pregnancy but should definitely be free to make a decision to continue.

Defend women against the opinions of judgemental, white, middle class males who care nothing of the lives or choices real people have to make.  They persecute us, they lie about us, they set traps for us, they take us to court, and they are happy to kill us.