questions and answers


What is the correct religion?

Christianity, obviously. Because I grew up in a mainly Christian country.

What is the correct version of Christianity?

Well, I was going to say Church of Scotland, because I grew up with them, but then I stumbled upon Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry.

What’s Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry?

I have no idea. But in their Q&A section you can find answers to these questions:

  • Can we eat bananas (according to clean food laws) since they lack seeds?
  • Is wearing jewelry a sin?
  • How do you know what vowels are in YHWH?
  • Is it true in Genesis 6 that fallen angels mated with women in Genesis 6:1-4 and the resultant offspring were giants?

When will people stop wasting so much time pouring over the Bible, finding even more interpretations of the random nonsense and convincing themselves that this time they’ve got it right?

Apparently, never.

Is that the best picture of a bee ever taken?

It certainly does appear that way.