Monthly Archive: April, 2013

translation, interpretation and clarification

Having only recently become fairly fluent in a second language, and having previously lived with understanding of only one language, I’m amazed at the different styles of expression available, even between two quite… Continue reading

how to tell if your religion is genuine

In the year 2013, Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. If you’re a Christian, you’ll be aware that 2000 years ago this was not the case, and everyone went to… Continue reading

sufficient evidence for a supernatural event

What would you accept as sufficient evidence for a supernatural event at some point in history, such as the resurrection? We have many eyewitness accounts of dragons in China. In April, Yonghe’s 1st Year,… Continue reading

supernatural trump card

One of my blog muses regularly inspires me with his knowledge of the correct interpretation of the Bible and his use of the supernatural trump card. This fantastic little card is available to… Continue reading

understanding gender inequality

Some facts about women: 50 % of the world population is female. 12% of the heads of government in the world are female. 20% of senior management positions are held by females. Conclusion:… Continue reading

top 10 books of all time

My blog buddy Ark and I have a deal that he’s wanting to forget. I write a post about my top 10 books, and he writes a post around the subject of ‘taking… Continue reading

the clear understanding of life

preamble Why do I so readily dismiss the great and wise thinkers cited by people in their quest for truth or understanding? Two main reasons: 1. Most of the people referenced are dead.… Continue reading

32 reasons to be an atheist (as opposed to a Christian)

You don’t have to get up on Sunday mornings if you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to sing songs that are too high for your voice and leave you with a… Continue reading

comment of the month

This month sees a triple treat of truly enticing commentary on one of Christianity’s distinctly dotty doctrines: the Trinity. We’re going to start with an old favourite, move on to the young pretender, and finish with… Continue reading

highlights of a deconversion

For some unknown reason, I’ve been reminiscing lately about my awakening to atheism. It was almost 20 years ago and I have terrible memory, but I’d like to present the highlights. alarm bell… Continue reading