discussions on gay marriage


It is simply a natural fact that you need a man and a woman to make a marriage and that a child’s heart longs for the love of both his or her mother and father.

For those of you who don’t know me, I like arguing, especially against factual inaccuracies and discrimination. I’m trying to temper my more sarcastic tendencies in the world of blogs and engage in fruitful discussions that help both me and the wrong people think about their opinions. It’s a demanding responsibility and one for which I have increasingly less time available. Bye-bye daily posting. And bye-bye my carefully crafted and thoroughly researched comments.

I’m currently engaged on a blog that provides loving advice for Christians on how to lovingly and with love deny homosexuals the right to marriage. Why I am the only person arguing against the thread of the conversation is beyond me. But now that it has reached three people throwing blatant rubbish at me that needs sensible but easy rebuttal, I’m thinking it’s time to open the floor to anyone else who wishes to join in. I’ve got a baby to take care of.


But remember, everyone’s being nice about homosexuals being sinners who can’t look after children properly – so stick to politeness, people!