I am ALWAYS prepared to answer questions!

My league of blog fans are always asking me questions that I never have time to answer, so I thought I’d take a minute to pull some the FAQs together to give people a more rounded idea of who I am and what my blogging mission is all about.  Enjoy!

Why do you blog so frequently about Christianity?

Because I keep reading posts by Christians promoting harmful and discriminatory ideas e.g. sin, disobedience, sexism, homophobia, Nazareth

Do you think Christians are affected by what your write?

I’m afraid not. It seems I write for the ridiculing pleasure of a strictly atheist audience.

How can you make your message more focused, so that you reach more Christians and change these harmful attitudes?

I’ve been wondering about this myself. And I think I need to choose a key Christian belief. Something that goes to the absolute core of what being a Christian is.

What will you do when you find this pivotal theme?

I’ll do a few posts about it and if anyone dares to disagree with me, I’ll call them lots of names (clever things like ‘dickhead’, ‘shitting puppy’, ‘dumbass’). If they’re persistent and keep suggesting I should think more critically about my opinion, I’ll tell them that they are lacking in intellectual integrity and refuse to discuss anything further with them.

Do you have any idea where to start searching for this key to the destruction of Christianity, so the whole harmful religion comes crashing to the ground?

Well, don’t tell anyone but I’ve found way to dismantle all the harm wrought by organised religion in the name of Christianity.

Oh my goodness!  This is amazing! Can you let me know what it is?

I have proof that Nazareth never existed.   [cue tumbleweed]

Oh, I see. What evidence did you uncover?

Well, the findings are inconclusive but I have lots of speculation, and I think that’s as good as proof! I’m an atheist, so my critical thinking is top notch, not like those silly Christians.