lurking 4: atheists are racist


As I was accused of anti-Semitism yesterday (although the accuser has so far chosen not to explain the reason for this charge), it seems like a good time to explore the idea that atheists are racist. The fourth extract in the lurking series comes from a post I read when I first started blogging a few months ago – the day I found out what a troll is. On first glance, this blogger screams TROLL at you. Here’s an extract from the ABOUT YOU page:

Who am I? Around 2007 upon arising from higher states I started awakening this strange innate ability for argumentation logic that I have which surpasses even Aristotle and William of Ockham. I started unintentionally getting involved in lots of arguments and debates. This happened when I entered into higher states and started seeing all arguments in systematic patterns.

Obviously a big joke, right? But then, reading further into the posts, I asked myself, how could someone dedicate so much time and energy to being so hateful, even in character, and come away unscathed? I considered that it could be someone doing a social experiment to see the level of vitriol they could raise by publishing ridiculous opinions, but looking through the blog, they would have achieved their objective long ago. Reading some of the posts and reading the detailed, nasty replies to all comments, this is someone who clearly relishes in what they’re doing, whatever their motives.  Have a read and see what you think – troll, deranged or legitimate alternative view on life? Here’s a shortened extract from the comments section of Itsnobody’s post, Racist experiences with atheists:

Itsnobody – you do understand the hypocrisy in calling all atheists racist? That’s exactly the same kind of bigotry that’s behind idiotic racism. Tell me, how do you reconcile that hypocrisy in the eyes of your religion? Isn’t hypocrisy considered a bad thing with you folks?

It’s not hypocrisy shithead, it’s just proven that 100% of all modern day atheist countries are extremely racist, and proven that there is no mainstream Christian denomination that accepts White Nationalism (which proves that the less religious and Christian people are the better it is for White Nationalists).

I don’t care what your subhuman kind consider as bad, you’re not even a human being to me.

Here’s what happens in atheist countries:
– All opposition towards White Nationalism and racism ceases
– Supposedly non-racist atheists just remain silent in opposition to racism and try everything they can to prevent people from criticizing racist atheists
– Racists/atheists are finally free to be as racist as they want, since other atheists do everything they can to prevent people from criticizing them for being racist


Of course, this is highly inconvenient to you and your bigoted insistance that ALL atheists are racist. Hey, I’m an atheist, and I’m not racist. There’s a little anecdotal evidence to counter yours.

I already explained in detail how all atheists are racist.

The supposedly “non-racist” atheists like your atheist kind just remain silent in opposition towards racism and defend other racist atheists, so this means they are in on it as well.

I’m not trying to say that some select atheists are racist, but rather all in general. Silence in opposition to racism is basically the same thing as agreeing with and supporting racism.

It’s my dream in life that one day a natural disaster comes and just kills every single Swede, Dane, and New Zealander off with all the life in them gone.

What a great joy it would be if natural disasters just kills every atheist off with all the life in them gone.

Some people are terrible, but the atheist kind take things to a whole a new level.

Atheists as a whole are disgusting people, not some of them, but ALL of them.