how society advances


It’s fair to say that human societies have changed significantly over the last few thousand years. Access to information and education is unprecedented, and many of us in the realm of blogging reap the benefits of these changes by easily discussing ideas and exchanging information with other bloggers around the world. In spite of all this seemingly easy access to information and education, there is still a lot of ignorance in the world. There is a lot of inequality, injustice and poverty, and in many parts of the world people don’t have the opportunity to participate in free and easy discussions with fellow human beings who can offer something outside their immediate cultural understanding.

It seems to me that the worst way to deal with this, as individuals, would be to shut out anyone who has a point of view we disagree with. To refuse to discuss issues we believe are important with people who hold opposing views can only lead to more ignorance – either on our part, or theirs.

Therefore, I feel rather concerned when I read comments like the one below, discussing the cultural preferences of one type of immigrant in a country made of recent immigrants:

I would consider these folks highly undesirable, to say the least. For starters, because they’re more than likely bent on trying to alter the existing social order of their host culture since they already succeeded in altering the structure of these courses. I’d suggest to refuse them visa, asylum, citizenship, or any other form of stay in the country. Any democracy will be much better off putting people like that on the very next plane back to the hellhole they likely came from.

When I commented on this public post, which offers a strong and rather controversial opinion on multiculturalism, and my comment several days later has failed to make an appearance, I’m wondering how we can hope for society to advance in a positive way, if we do not believe that discussion of issues and exposure to a variety of cultures cannot be mutually beneficial for everyone.

The author of this particular post publicly declared here that my blog houses anti-Semitic opinions. He then refused to discuss anything further with me. I spend a lot of my blogging time challenging discrimination and prejudiced beliefs. If I am in any way unknowingly anti-Semitic, I would like to know why and I would like to correct any subconscious or ignorant prejudices I hold. Because this is how society advances – by educating individuals.

This post is dedicated to Tongue Sandwich.