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This month sees a triple treat of truly enticing commentary on one of Christianity’s distinctly dotty doctrines: the Trinity. We’re going to start with an old favourite, move on to the young pretender, and finish with some hot air.

old favourite

The idea, that there should not be no other gods than just the one, and three separate forms of it are a clear logical contradiction. And if that is a contradiction, then what a contradiction it is to have pictures of Jesus all around churches when the Old Testament specifically says, one should not have “craven images”? However, logic is not a requirement for faith. Actually, if you have logical reasons for your beliefs it no longer is actual faith. Because having faith literally means believing something despite the lack of evidence.

The thing is, all religions are ecclestic. Even the most strict literal fundamentalists go cherry picking from their holy scriptures the stuff that pleases them, or fits their personal version of morality. And since no god interferes in personal interpretation of the scriptures, miracles, sermons, or doctrines, that god seems to be fine with the entire variety. If someone claims “god hates fags”, then it seems to be just as fine to this god, as “god loves everybody”. If someone says god hates infidells and wants you to kill them, it also seems just as fine with this god as “turn the other cheek”.

People believe in most obscure and strange stuff about their god(s), and it all seems to make sense to them on some level. What people believe about their own god(s) seems to be completely irrelevant to any god. What is more important to all gods is, that people believe. And not even that is so very important, since gods are not actively promoting belief, rather playing hide and seek. For some reason it is only humans who are promoting belief in any god(s). A game where most often people find them selves as “winners”, or “losers” based on their cultural heritage.

young pretender

The Trinity gets a reputation for being mysterious and esoteric, mostly due to overly-imaginative Evangelical preachers too lazy or too uneducated to accurately explain it. It’s not THAT complicated. For all intents and purposes, Christians believe in three gods. But since the three gods lack the rivalry, disparity, and other distinctives of polytheism a la Roman Pantheon, it’s more like worshiping one god in practice. That’s really all.

hot air

Crispyuns will swear that the Trinity is alluded to in the bible, but then they are all dickheads, so we don’t have to worry what they think.


epilogue: the characters behind the wise words

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