understanding gender inequality


Some facts about women:

  • 50 % of the world population is female.
  • 12% of the heads of government in the world are female.
  • 20% of senior management positions are held by females.


  • men make a disproportionate number of the important decisions that affect all of humanity.

Possible reasons:

  1. women have the same opportunities as men but are not interested in being involved in decision-making and think this role is better suited to men.
  2. women have the same opportunities as men but don’t have the innate abilities required to get the decision-making jobs.
  3. women are discriminated against and unlikely to be chosen for decision-making roles.

Possible solutions

  • if women have the same opportunities as men but are not as interested or as able as men, then this is something that society needs to change through education and the provision of role models. Balance, fairness and understanding are not addressed by one group holding all the power. I personally advocate the use of positive discrimination to redress all imbalance in power. History tells us the that the white, heterosexual male is not an impeccable decision-maker, and if natural tendencies to follow the cultural norm are continually adhered to, change may never come.
  • if women are discriminated against, this is something that society needs to change through adherence to equality laws, and education regarding the roots and consequences of discrimination.

Other possible approaches:

  • write off the damaging attitude to women inherent in society as being completely unrelated to the trivialisation and the sexual objectification of women that bombards us from every angle.
  • blame women for growing up in a society that objectifies them and for being dumb enough to join in.
  • circulate semi-naked pictures of girls with nice bodies, adding thoughtful comments that illustrate your understanding of the seriousness of sex discrimination, such as “She has a great body is damn good looking and is using her natural talents to make a living. Good for her!” or “Women get upset no matter what you do. The only conclusion that can be reached is that it doesn’t really matter what you do. If they are going to be pissed off, you might as well enjoy yourself.”

Thanks, as ever, to Ark and myatheistlife for their informative view on life and their attitudes that challenge ignorant behaviour and out-dated stereotypes. An example to all free-thinking atheist males on how to criticise and overcome the models presented by the harmful patriarchal religions in our societies. I love that we’re in an era where we can move past this.