supernatural trump card


One of my blog muses regularly inspires me with his knowledge of the correct interpretation of the Bible and his use of the supernatural trump card. This fantastic little card is available to all Christians to help them out of sticky situations when discussing their faith, while retaining a modicum of logical dignity.

The Christian deity can be neatly summed up by the following points:

  • there is only one god, but there are three gods, one of whom is the son of the one god, and also the physical son of a virgin
  • the son of the one god, who is at one with his father god, as a man was divinely inspired by the one god his father, but didn’t know everything that he as the one god knew, because he was a separate son god on earth
  • the third god that is part of the one god is an invisible god or the breath of a god, but also a separate god that exists in a state of unity with the father god and the physical son god, as one god.

If none of that really makes any sense to you, you will realise that this is all the result of fabricating one religion on top of an existing religion, while trying desperately to avoid looking like a Roman pantheon of gods, so that control and the illusion of unity of purpose could be maintained.

If you not clear which part of the deity description is illogical, you are using your supernatural trump card: my god is magic and does not need to make sense.