is atheism falsifiable?


What would you accept as positive evidence that a god-man appeared to human beings at some point in history?

My cute little blogging buddy asks the funniest questions. He’s a scientist who thinks that life fits into all his science and logic boxes. I’m an atheist who thinks that reality fits into science and logic boxes, but thoughts and beliefs are more ethereal. That’s why I think it’s okay for theists to have their superstitious thoughts and that’s why I only argue with them when they’re being nasty with their beliefs, or, like PeW, when they’re wrong about reality.

Atheism is falsifiable because if a god appeared sparkling in the sky explaining why she’d been hiding from humanity and why no-one appeared to understand the messages she’d tried to send, I’d be shocked, but would really have to rethink my belief system. If Zeus rode into my patio on a thunderbolt, booming how furious he is that everyone is treating him like a myth, I would stand dumbstruckΒ in his godly presence and retract my atheism on the spot. (I would bear in mind that I might have gone insane, but that’s a possibility at any juncture in life, so I’d try and go with the flow like always.)

Atheism is falsifiable on the presentation of evidence. This does not mean that there is any evidence that can demonstrate that a god-man appeared to human beings 2000 years ago. Can you please stop asking these silly questions now?