solving the tricky problem of immigration


I get the impression that the following attitude towards immigrants is gaining popularity:

  • You are in my country. I am better than you. You must be grateful I allow your presence here.
  • You are in my country. My beliefs are smarter than yours. You must take on my beliefs.
  • You are in my country. My language is superior. You must use only my language.
  • You are in my country. My manners are better than yours. You must behave like me.
  • You are in my country. My clothes make more sense than yours. You must wear clothes like mine.

I would like to suggest that the following attitude makes a lot more sense:

  • Every person deserves equality of treatment.  The world is a collection of randomly separated bits of land populated by endless tides of immigrants to and from other parts of the world. No group of people can stake exclusive claim to any part of this world – a country is not yours if you have been there 5 minutes, 5 years, or 50 generations.
  • Follow the laws in the country you happen to inhabit. Campaign to change the laws if you think they are unjust.