lurking 5: the will of a benevolent god


I’m more than delighted to have the opportunity to return to the lurking series, courtesy of some charming thoughts found here. Most Christians I’ve personally met tend to prefer a benevolent spin on the god God. But there are a lot of candid online Christians who don’t care how many people or other animals suffer, both in this life and their imagined next one, all at the hands of their invisible creator deity. I’ve hand-picked three particular gems for my discerning readers. Enjoy!

God created animals and made them delicious. PETA is a ridiculously absurd organization whose acronym ought to mean Poorly Educated Tantruming Adolescents.


Satan knows precisely how to twist one’s good intentions and turn them into an occasion of sin. At the end of the day, though, both the pro-life liar and the honest abortionist can just as easily find themselves in Hell, and at that point it will no longer matter what one’s intentions were. Satan loves good intentions, and Hell is brimming with people who, in their earthly lives, “meant well.”


To advocate for same-sex marriage after Christ himself already said what marriage is, is to stand at odds with the Church that he established…. As for the Church shrinking over this, that’s a good thing. Even Jesus said that many are called, and few are chosen. In the end, it’s not about numbers. As Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said by way of paraphrasing St. Augustine, “the truth is always the truth even if no one believes it, and a lie is always a lie even if everyone believes it.” The Church, that is, the real Church, is indeed shrinking and that’s a good thing, for at the end of the day the Lord’s work of separating the sheep from the goats will be made all the easier.