adventure games and personal stories


In blogland, it’s easy to get involved in endless discussions with Christians about evidence, logic and common sense.  To summarise: there’s no evidence for invisible deities; it’s illogical to think your religion is correct and the rest are wrong; common sense should tell everyone that organised religion only brings problems to the world.

However, conversation can come to a stumbling halt when they pull their last, emotional card from the pack: their personal story of the intervention of the god God in their life. What can an atheist do with these stories? It’s fine to ridicule abstract concepts, it’s fine to fiercely object to words in a book and mock the random interpretations of these words. But when someone gives you what is often a sad story full of pain and serious difficulties, through the lens of they wouldn’t have survived without God, it’s impossible to say anything. It’s cruel to ridicule, it’s disrespectful to criticise their understanding of their own life and it’s worrying to attempt to pull a rug from under someone’s shaky feet.

What I want to do here, is offer words of encouragement for anyone afraid to dispose of religion in their lives for fear of the havoc that may occur. I want to assure potential de-covertees that life continues past deity-belief and that incredible coincidences can still occur, great changes can still happen and that your life will progress with notable and interesting features even as an atheist. Because being an animal is an adventure game with many potential paths. Ask any raven.