over my head


My best blogging buddy, Ark, who loves cakes, bees, dogs and ranting, brought up an important point today. A point about knowledge. I’m personally not very knowledgeable about much in this world. My favourite activity is sleeping, closely followed by staring into space and then wandering in places with trees. Facts are interesting but often float through my brain leaving no permanent marks. So I’m reliant on other people to help piece together my understanding of life. I’d like to present a couple examples of things that are way over my head.

  • There is a medium sized dark box in the corner of my sitting room that on occasion emits light and sound. People speak from the box and amazing images flit across it’s shiny surface. Perhaps a dark sprite placed it in my sitting room to distract me from childbearing and cooking. However, I’m more inclined to believe the story sold to me by the experts in my society, which is that this television is an entertainment module made of comprehensible pieces of material found in the natural world, and that there is a rational explanation beyond my grasp for the mysterious way it beams these programmes into my house.
  • I am an amazing creature. I seem to have all the perfect bits of body to function – I have eyes that see and ears that hear. I even have a mouth to eat food! The ability I possess to reflect on complex matters and to communicate with other creatures is totally amazing. I’m drawn to the notion that I was designed by some utterly perfect and devastatingly intelligent being. However, I’m more inclined to believe the story sold to me by the experts in my society, which is that I am just another animal who has naturally evolved on this naturally occurring planet, and there is a rational explanation beyond my grasp (and perhaps beyond the grasp of all humans) for the conditions that kick-started this whole  existence.

To sum up, I seriously have no idea how my television works. It’s so amazing I could be convinced that supernatural forces designed and created it. But I know that other people understand exactly how this lump of plastic, metal and glass fits together from naturally derived sources and links with invisible waves in the sky to bring images and sound into my home. I accept these people are correct. As do my fellow human beings, many of whom understand as little as I do about how the television works. Why then is it so easy for some people of a religious persuasion to dismiss the knowledge of our esteemed scientific experts on whether there is evidence for the hand of an intelligent designer in our amazing existence? It’s all over my head but, as I understand it, no-one with even an ounce of credibility believes there is …