inspirational religion


My best blogging buddy, Missy J Betts, regularly presents stunningly smart, impressively researched and hilariously witty posts. She also has finely tuned appreciation for great bee photos. Missy’s latest offering on Scientology (here) is the most interesting and informative summary I’ve read on this seriously silly, science fiction religion. I felt inspired. I felt inspired to start thrashing out some detail on my own science fiction religion. Here are some of my preliminary thoughts.

  1. The god called Deity, who is surprisingly mysteriously invisible and lives in a dimension outside of our own, randomly decided to create everything we see – in the blink of an eye, because she’s super powerful like that. The highlight of her creation is woman, the first one being Anna. Deity decided to give Anna a helper for the donkey work, so made a man (Steve) out of one of Anna’s toenails.
  2. Deity made Anna and Steve deeply flawed and liable to misbehave. She also got really furious with them and their descendants when they did so. On one occasion Deity got so incensed she cast down a meteorite from The Other Dimension and wiped out all the women and their men (and the poor dinosaurs), except for Norah and her family who built a big spaceship and came back to Earth when the mayhem was over. That’s why humans have five fingers instead of four on each hand, the required incestuous relationships had some side effects.
  3. Deity created everyone but, at this point in time, is only the god of the Scots. Once I get a few followers whipped up, we’ll announce we’re waiting for the Promised One, who will be the daughter of Deity on earth and will bring salvation from misbehaving to the whole world, which is likely to be measured via the purchase of a machine that can read how Good you are.
  4. Oh, almost forgot! Deity hates money and all material possessions, so she encourages her followers to give a reasonable 28.62% of their earnings to her Church, and purchase their own horrendously expensive supernatural Good Detector machine. I’ll redistribute the holy gold wisely. ย Promise!

I encourage all my readers to give some thought to how your science fiction religion might look!