Monthly Archive: June, 2013

lurking 5: the will of a benevolent god

I’m more than delighted to have the opportunity to return to the lurking series, courtesy of some charming thoughts found here. Most Christians I’ve personally met tend to prefer a benevolent spin on… Continue reading

why is sex pleasurable?

One of life’s great mysteries is sex. Why does it feel so good? Why is it an all-consuming drive that haunts us from our adolescent years on? One kooky evolution type theory tries… Continue reading

superbug religion and iPads

Not so long ago, Life on the Frogstar did an excellent post warning all us rational thinkers about the potential rise of a superbug religion, impervious to logic, that may sweep through the… Continue reading

serious problems for religious freedom (and cakes)

There are some serious problems going on in our world today. Our rights are being eroded before our very eyes and one day soon we may be unable to make our own decisions… Continue reading

solving the tricky problem of immigration

I get the impression that the following attitude towards immigrants is gaining popularity: You are in my country. I am better than you. You must be grateful I allow your presence here. You… Continue reading

absolutely illogical

One of my blogging buddies recently accused me of moral absolutism. According to Wikipedia, if I were a moral absolutist, I would believe “certain actions are absolutely right or wrong, regardless of other… Continue reading

peace without revenge

In my recent post about the death penalty, a couple of comments suggested a logical reason for killing bad people is that it can help the families of victims of violence come to… Continue reading