Monthly Archive: July, 2013

another scandal, more lives destroyed

[The Bible] doesn’t clean things up and give us a sanitary, Walt Disney version of what happened. It shows us, for instance, how the great King David succumbed to lust and envy and committed… Continue reading

an evidence-based christian approach to abortion

I find it fascinating when people post their frankly atrocious opinions about the world on public blogs, then remove the right to comment. It’s understandable that many Christians out there are aware they… Continue reading

survey: just how randy are heterosexual men?

Recently, there has been a disturbing flurry of Christian posts focusing on the difficulties faced by men who are unable to control themselves when women wear certain cuts of clothing. I find it… Continue reading

a call to my muse

One of my best blogging buddies has gone missing. A similar case occurred not so long ago, but that old codger had unplugged his internet connection and couldn’t work out how to plug… Continue reading

the changing landscape of relationships

Pushing people to test their culturally held beliefs against evidence is key to helping our species recover from millennia of superstitious notions that have climaxed in several religions holding sway over most of… Continue reading

the arrogance of animals

If you want to see a video of three young women smugly singing ‘We didn’t come from monkeys, we didn’t swing from trees, we’re not a piece of seaweed floating in the breeze’,… Continue reading

for my brother, part 2

From my point of view, my brother has a tendency to vehemently support the opposite side of obvious. He is passionately vitriolic about a number of subjects and has a brain packed full… Continue reading

for my brother, part 1

One of the wonders of genetics is that two parents can provide an abundance in variety of code to make curiously diverse offspring develop under similar environmental conditions. My brother and I have… Continue reading

describing atheism

In my last post, I invited readers to suggest a humorous descriptive label that could be attached to atheism or atheists. I was seeking to create a fair playing field for good-natured and… Continue reading

language for gods and atheists

Is it rude or silly to talk about invisible sky fairies? I’ve just read a comment-disabled post that takes issue with atheists attempting to ridicule Christian beliefs by using inaccurate metaphors. The author suggests:… Continue reading