the arrogance of animals


If you want to see a video of three young women smugly singing ‘We didn’t come from monkeys, we didn’t swing from trees, we’re not a piece of seaweed floating in the breeze’, please click here to see the video post kindly provided by Nightmares of Jesus.

If you’re able to do anything other than shudder in the moments following viewing this delight, have a think about the consequences of this kind of problematic arrogance inherent in many of our species. What good does it do the planet to believe we’re not an integral part of it, but a specially created princess species with divinely appointed dominion over the lesser inhabitants? None, I wager. Even divinely appointed princesses with good intentions can get carried away by their position of importance.

One of the reasons the Christian myth has been so successful among our species, is the manner in which it strokes our delicate egos. We’re the best and most important bit (well the blokes are) in the super duper special creation of the only god, God. He even made us (well the men anyway) to look like him! He cares about us, he loves us, he has a plan for us, and knows every hair on our head – he’s the best invisible parent we never had, and we’re the obviously lovable best bit of creation valiantly dealing with sin and the hardships of life on our journey to eternal bliss with the god, God (dependent on satisfactory behaviour). I think evolving from seaweed seems vastly more probable, even in the absence of all scientific knowledge.