a call to my muse


One of my best blogging buddies has gone missing. A similar case occurred not so long ago, but that old codger had unplugged his internet connection and couldn’t work out how to plug it back in for a few weeks. On this occasion, my favourite blogging muse seems to have disappeared entirely. This charming character lit up my blogging days with confused notions, weird interpretations and wonky logic. My blogging inspiration has completely dried up since he popped out of Blogland leaving no trace. So, I’d like us all to take a moment to remember all the fun times that Physics and Whiskey (PeW, to his good friends) gave us, and share our feelings on his blogging purpose. Some of my own theories are set out below.

  • PeW was a homeschooled fundamentalist Christian rebelling against his upbringing and searching for the truth.
  • PeW was William Lane Craig incognito, doing undercover research into his latest piece of work on “How to Argue with Angry Atheists”.
  • PeW was logical robot who had malfunctioned.
  • PeW was Ark’s Christian persona.
  • PeW was a dark sprite sent by the evil angel Satan to steer fundamentalist Christian types away from the correctly interpreted message of the god God (which is “Oppress Women and Gays”)

Just some thoughts. If anyone has any insight they would like to share, I would be delighted to hear more theories. However, to finish up here, I think it would be nice to revisit some of special moments we shared with PeW whilst his wisdom was among us. Let us hope he will soon return!

The less probable it is that a religion came from human beings, the more probable it is to be true.


it’s theoretically possible to figure out the authorial intent of any given passage [in the Bible]


if our standard of evidence would reject unicorns even if they DID exist and were observable….that’s a problem. 


Some people magically seem to transform into assholes as soon as they get behind a keyboard


Ark IS a lot of fun to bait