an evidence-based christian approach to abortion


I find it fascinating when people post their frankly atrocious opinions about the world on public blogs, then remove the right to comment. It’s understandable that many Christians out there are aware they have no manner in which to defend their words, but it is frustrating that their potentially harmful ideas linger online without challenge.

Take this post,  “What does the Bible say about population control?”. Here we learn the author believes that a meaningless assertion that the entire world population could squeeze within the space of Texas (clearly no need for roads, rivers, lakes, factories, shops, animals, farms, trees, flowers, parks, landfills, power plants, water treatment, sewerage, schools, hospitals or in fact anything other than tightly packed dwellings) is an indication that the world isn’t overpopulated. The author then goes on to say:

Schemes such as forced abortion directly conflict with the Bible’s teaching that human life is sacred.

Schemes like forced abortion, should they exist (but we can’t get further information because the author doesn’t want to talk about it or clarify her/his words) clearly go against the rights of women. The fact that respecting human life is important, given that it makes the world a nicer place to live in for all of us, and is a natural ‘need’ most of us feel through empathy, doesn’t make an undeveloped organism ‘human life’. If these Christians wish to classify undeveloped living organisms as human life, they need to start harvesting all the un-used eggs from women and wasted sperm from men.

Apart from all this, as my best blogging buddy John Zande so eloquently points out, their holy book doesn’t actually provide such clear teaching that human life, or even undeveloped human life, is in any way sacred. As he says in his post here:

Indeed, if one actually reads scripture (something the vast majority of Christians never actually do) it’s perfectly clear that the particular Middle Eastern god they idolise is not only an prejudiced, insecure and jealous mass-murderer but also a definitive advocate FOR abortion; personally and passionately performing many terminations and ordering countless more.

Finally, my other best blogging buddy, Rautakyy, provides a detailed analysis of the ridiculous nature of the Christian pro-life argument here, and makes the most salient point of all:

We know that the number of abortions is best lessened by sexual education and by social welfare, that supports the mothers in dire situations. But most of the so called “pro-life” advocates are against any of those really effective ways to cause abortions to be lessened.

It seems that most of the Christians in this anti-abortion camp do not realise that, at the end of the day, no-one in their right mind actually likes abortion. It is usually a desperate action, and an action with consequences that each woman must ultimately face on her own. What these women do not need, is other people telling them an interpretation of an invisible male deity’s opinion: an invisible male deity that loves a spot of killing, indulges with gusto in ripping open pregnant bellies and whose almost exclusively male acolytes made up the rules whispered in their ears. Anyone truly concerned with cutting down the numbers of unnecessary abortions within their community, should consult the evidence available on what actions actually achieve this – and campaign for, or provide access to, birth control and decent sex education.