giving the religiously inclined a helping hand


Believing in a super-powerful deity or two is the prerogative of followers of religion. These deities are exclusively invisible beings that leave clues to their existence with specially selected human beings. Specially selected human beings are a dime a dozen in some religious areas: the ‘individual relationship’ with the god allows for every believer the potential to imagine a divinely inspired understanding transmitted only to them.

Watching from the sidelines, a few tips and hints, to help the religious believers give their faith some credulity to the logic-based outsiders, keep springing to mind. And I have an uncontrollable (possibly divinely inspired) urge to share these tips with the world.

  1. Your god is likely to be described as all-powerful and beyond the true comprehension of puny human minds. There is therefore no need to justify or explain this being – blind acceptance is all that’s required.
  2. Your god may be described as the creator of all things. If this is the case, you don’t need to look for ‘design clues’ in the universe. None have yet been found by any serious scientists. And with regards to areas that humans cannot yet explain, please have faith that your all-powerful god would be able to create everything without leaving childish clues.
  3. Religious nutters (I’m not saying you) down through time have been convinced that their deities are heralding the end of the world. Please don’t believe that you will either witness this great event that doesn’t occur, or that your god transmitted any special information to you about this favourite of religious nutters. Remember, you are simply one of the 107,602,707,791 people who have lived – the chances of personal preference in terms of the ‘true’ message are remote.
  4. It’s quite possible that under your chosen god’s religious umbrella there are a number of different interpretations regarding what your deity thinks is appropriate belief or behaviour. It’s also more than probable that down through time understanding of the deity has developed and changed quite significantly. Therefore, if your god is supposed to be nice, and your opinion on what your god wants is hurting anyone, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and not harm other people. Remember, given the wide variety of views across the world and across time for your same religion – it’s more than probable you’re wrong about quite a few things.

I hope any religiously inclined individuals who stumble across this post will find something of use in these initial points. Any other suggestions from readers will be gratefully received.