does a resurrection prove a religion?


I’ve heard it stated on a few occasions that if Jesus did indeed rise from the dead, then Christianity must be true. I am unable to follow this line of thought, so invite any readers who can explain to me why this would be the case to let me know.

In the meantime, putting aside the debate about the historical evidence for the Jesus character and the argument about how reliable the ‘eye witness’ accounts were, here are some reasons why the claim makes no sense to me:

  1. It could easily have appeared that Jesus rose from the dead. As my best blogging buddy Rautakyy has pointed out, he was a young man in his prime and it is perfectly possible that he passed out or went into a coma, only to regain consciousness. It’s possible that his friends bribed the soldiers. It’s possible that any one of the allegedly thousands of people who had followed him broke into the tomb. There are many possibilities that could make the story of a young man surviving a crucifixion true without the need for divine intervention.
  2. If a supernatural event did occur and Jesus was indeed a reanimated three-day-old corpse, then why would it follow that the Jewish god God is the creator of all things? Could it not be equally likely that more advanced creatures from another dimension had intervened because they got bored of making pyramids? Do things only happen if they get written down? Is everything that’s written down true?
  3. If this supernatural event did occur, and Jesus is a deity, why would it make everything else in the Bible worth paying attention to? Why would it not make more sense that the Bible is part of the Jesus-followers’ test? After all, who could believe that an all-powerful deity spent most the existence of his creation angrily obsessing over the seriously petty doings of one tiny group of people, then decided to have a character revolution and extend his deity-ness to the rest of the world by sending himself to earth in the form of his son as sacrifice to himself (copyright John Zande)? Who would believe that benevolence or intelligence includes suppression of women, slavery, stoning, reviling same sex relationships, genocide and encouraging people to believe they are naturally ‘bad’?

As we all know, it’s impossible to tell if the resurrection of the character Jesus took place. But I think it’s easy to work out that on the exceptionally slim possibility it did, it unfortunately does not prove in the slightest that Christianity is a religion worth following.