the sword cuts both ways


In a recent discussion with a Christian about fear-loaded religion, I was informed that there are as many reasons to be afraid of giving up atheism as there are for giving up a religion. I thought it would be nice to explore this in a little more detail.

Reasons to be afraid of giving up your religion:

  • An invisible deity might condemn you to eternal suffering
  • A vengeful deity might make all your ancestors suffer
  • An angry deity might command its adherents to kill you
  • You may lose most of your social circle
  • Your family may cut you off
  • You’ll have to trust yourself to make decisions
  • You can’t blame creation for any personal behaviour that troubles you
  • You have no invisible friend to love and protect you when life isΒ tough

Reasons to be afraid of giving up atheism:

  • Your friends might laugh at you
  • You might have to follow rules you don’t agree with

I don’t know about you, but I’m not entirely clear how, in terms of potential fear, these two lists balance up.