Sins of Our Fathers: The Missing Link…

I posted recently about an abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Scotland. In the interests of balance, I think it’s only fair I draw attention to some other opinions out there on this topic. Enjoy!

Catholic Truth

collarpriestI’ve just watched the Newsnight Scotland discussion on the BBC documentary Sins of Our Fathers– exposing physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus Abbey, the prestigious Catholic school in the Highlands – broadcast last night, and available to watch for the next six days.

Throughout the entire documentary (and again on Newsnight Scotland) there wasn’t a single acknowledgment, not a mention of the fact that these were manifestly homosexual attacks by homosexual priests on boys.

And yet, we have Pope Francis widely reported as taking a lax approach to the homosexuals becoming priests. Gimme strength.

Throughout all the handwringing of the TV journalists and their bewildered Catholic interviewees (who, to date have said nothing to inform the discussion that a member of the Orange Order couldn’t have said even better!)  nobody thought to suggest that the Church in Scotland might make a start in clearing out the filth in the Church…

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