Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Sins of Our Fathers: The Missing Link…

I posted recently about an abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Scotland. In the interests of balance, I think it’s only fair I draw attention to some other opinions out there on… Continue reading

the sword cuts both ways

In a recent discussion with a Christian about fear-loaded religion, I was informed that there are as many reasons to be afraid of giving up atheism as there are for giving up a… Continue reading

does a resurrection prove a religion?

I’ve heard it stated on a few occasions that if Jesus did indeed rise from the dead, then Christianity must be true. I am unable to follow this line of thought, so invite… Continue reading

giving the religiously inclined a helping hand

Believing in a super-powerful deity or two is the prerogative of followers of religion. These deities are exclusively invisible beings that leave clues to their existence with specially selected human beings. Specially selected… Continue reading

the evolutionary path to atheism

People in all societies throughout time have had superstitious belief systems to explain the unexplainable. Every Christian I think would agree that the Mayan gods were a primitive attempt to understand life and… Continue reading

Scientific Discovery Of The Sin Nature

Originally posted on A Christian Worldview of Fiction:
Last Sunday on 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl did an investigative piece on a Yale baby lab which studies the human condition. The scientists who discovered…