identity crisis


If I had been born in India, chances are I’d be a Hindu. If I had been born in Spain, I would likely be a Catholic. If I had been born in Iran, it is more than probable that I’d be a Muslim.

I was born to a middle class family in European country with a decent education system. This has been a huge contributory factor to the fact that I have never experienced violence, either giving or receiving, and that I can float around the world picking up and dropping means to make a living on a whim. I have choices and my experience of life is pleasant. It’s therefore more than easy for me to pleasant to other people.

If you believe you don’t deceive, steal or hurt other people because you have chosen to be a ‘moral’ person, you are wrong.  If you believe that a god, or your own superior personality, enables you to avoid raping or murdering while other people do, you are wrong. We are all the product of our environment. If everyone around you is murdering and you have realised it is not a positive or useful action, your realisation is a result of the environmental factors you have been exposed to – not because a god is helping you control sinful urges, or because your powers of reasoning are superior to those around you.

When we look and despair at the atrocities committed around the world, we should be careful how we judge the individuals involved. Because but for flick of DNA, it could have been someone closely resembling us.