taking a break


Dear Legions of Blog Fans

After 9 months of dedicated blogging, during which I have spread wisdom and logic to every corner of our fair planet, I am sorry to inform you that I need a break. I love blogging. I love lurking on other people’s blogs, having thoughts and feeling the uncontrollable urge to tap out my thoughts and share them along with my very pretty pictures for all you lovely readers. But I must confess that my obsessive need to correct the harmful errors of organised religion, among other matters, is taking up quite a lot of my real life time, and having a negative impact on my ability to lead a normal life (will I have a shower or rant at this wrong person, will I go for a walk or lurk on this blog, will I have nap or check my reader? Blog wins at every turn – I smell and am very tired…)

As I start my cold turkey treatment with Bloggers Anonymous, please know that I will be back when I can find a way to fit blogging into a healthy life pattern. And I will continue to lurk on all my favourite blogs and appreciate the wisdom and stories from every best blogging buddy I’ve ever had (you all know who you are).

Farewell till we meet again.

Your best blogging buddy Violet

P.S. This may well only last a week. I’m a bit fickle.