Abstinence adversaries vent

My good friends over at Quiner’s Diner have taken a comment I made over 6 months ago and turned it into this charming post about the evils of contraception. I’m blushing with the notoriety!

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

A reader took me to task for my post, “Abstinence vs. contraception:”

oral“This is a perfect story to share, it illustrates every point I’d like to make. A 13 year old girl having sex behind her parents back will obviously not have had an open discussion about birth control with them. Someone who gets pregnant while on the pill and using condoms is not using either correctly. I used condoms for almost 20 years with no problems, and then got pregnant within two months of trying for a child. You cannot sell these lies and expect to be taken seriously.”

The reader is rather touchy on this subject, accusing me of being a liar when I was simply quoting a letter from Dear Abby. Write Abby. Call her the liar, not this sensitive blogger.

Actually, the reader inadvertently makes my point. Adults are more likely to use…

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