a question for christians about abortion


I’ve noticed that most of the anti-abortion movement seems to be quite religiously inclined. Certainly the Catholic Church and other Christians from the United States seem to be the most vocal on this topic. There are several things about their concern in this area that baffles me.

Many Christians believe a fertilised egg or a foetus is essentially already a human being. So if it stops developing for any reason, I assume Christians believe it goes to heaven (or perhaps hell, depending on what the god knows of their personality). So surely those that get to heaven are actually better off. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the Christian mind, they get to spend eternity in a glorious afterlife without having to endure any suffering here on Earth, is that right?

Christians insist they have full faith in an idyllic afterlife with their creator deity, yet so many of their passions betray either a deep lack of thought on what this would entail, or a deeper lack of faith in their beliefs. For those of us that understand the fleeting, random nature of existence, the loss of a chance to live and experience life is actually a more serious concern. But most of us realise that the sincere difficulties of those actually conscious and currently trying to live on this planet, outweigh the billions of potential lives that could randomly join us.