how safe are our children?


The reality is that those who feel that children experience loss from not having a biological connection with one or both parents and who feel that men and women offer unique and complimentary roles in child development are not welcome to the discussion. They have been banned from a voice within media as well. … There is great pressure on “researchers” to affirm gay parenting, as is evidenced by the funding sources of some of the studies.

My friends, it seems that almost every non-religious professional care body in the western world is packed to bursting with stupid doctors, lying social workers and sloppy psychologists. Because there is pressure on them to support the right of non-heterosexuals to be parents. And it seems that political pressure tops the welfare of children in the eyes of our esteemed professional care givers. Shame on them. So what can we do about this?

The broad-based studies using participants who were selected at random have shown that divorce, surrogacy, sperm donation and separation from birth-parents prior to adoption have shown that children are negatively affected by those factors. There is no dispute of these findings among social science experts.

I think everyone will agree that should this be the case, the only fair (without showing weird and irrational prejudice) way to combat this is to:

  • ban divorce
  • ban surrogacy
  • ban sperm donation
  • ban separation from birth parents
  • ban individuals who don’t fulfil proscribed gender roles from becoming parents

But in the name of justice for children facing any factors that may negatively affect their life experience, I think we need to take this one step further. Because let’s be honest, there are lots of factors that can negatively affect the lives of children. In short, we need to ban all negative factors on the upbringing of children, so that we can’t be accused of using whatever random information we have to hand to exclude a historically persecuted minority group in society from having equal parenting rights. I call on you now to take up the fight to:

  • pass legislation to ban parents who are smokers, drinkers, drug users, workaholics, obese, mentally ill, poor, fishermen (high death rate), bad tempered, religiously deluded etc

Because if we don’t do this, it can seriously look like we have an irrational hang-up with a sexual activity we will never have to perform (unless we want to), and that has no relevance to a person’s ability to be a human being with nurturing insticts, negative factors and all (some of them may be fishermen, after all).

* Quotes courtesy of Askthebigot ‘One Christian’s candid answers to your questions on Gay Marriage’ from our conversation on lurking 7: how to tell a person of principle