lurking 9: chivalry is in the dustbin


When it comes to lurking, no-one does it better than Clare Flourish. She uncovers the most interesting array of bloggers and is kind enough to share them with the world. Thanks to Clare, I have been introduced to Justin de Vere (Essays discussing modern-day topics) and I would like to share just a few snippets from some of his engaging posts. I must confess I find them quite interesting, even though I completely disagree with him on every topic he discusses.


It has not helped that fashions have become more revealing in the decades since chivalry was put in the dustbin. Nowadays you walk down the street and it’s cleavage, yoga pants, bare shoulders, short skirts all the time! Fashion is sexier; it’s more about sex. Even 50, 60 year old women dress younger, have young-looking hair, and thanks to make-up, botox, pilates and good bras, they look younger too! Remember when women in their 50s and 60s looked and acted their age?


People in Australia like it here the way it is. They like their communities, their neighbourhoods. They like that people in their neighbourhoods have the same language and values as they do. There is, and will be resentment towards people who come here by boat, to enjoying the peace, freedom and prosperity that our own Judeo-Christian culture provided, and which is lacking in their own homelands.


Have you ever met a feminist who comes from a really happy family? One that does not have some kind of bitterness in her heart? I suppose there must be a few of them who slipped through the cracks. But usually there is some kind of unresolved trauma from their past, always involving their relationship to men, whether it’s their father or boyfriends, or others. Almost always there is a fancy among feminists, passing or more permanent, that life might even be better without men at all, as a lesbian.

submission in marriage

In a good, loving marriage, the woman should be submissive to the man, and trusting of him to lead her. It’s the best way. Every group should have a leader, and men are better at leading than women. … Besides, there is strength in weakness, just as there is weakness in strength. Many people don’t see this, especially in the West. They think weak is weak, strong is strong. But a woman can use her weakness to get things to happen, while a man often, usually cannot do the same. An apparently weak woman can make things happen that an apparently strong woman cannot.

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Pop over for a chat and, most of all, enjoy!