lurking 10: the satanic agenda of the UN

The folks at Catholic Truth have been discussing the following:

The UN seems to be more interested in savaging Catholic doctrine than concerned about the genuine welfare of children. That’s what I think – what do you think?

Here’s a selection of some of the responses received from faithful followers.

  • The UN should also know that 90% of abusive Priests were homosexuals, or am I wrong here??
  • I hardly think that allowing a male child to be adopted by homosexual pop stars and their partners is safe for any young person. It’s a bit like giving an alcoholic a lifetimes supply of free whisky although on a worse scale.
  • Apart from homosexuals, most people on a private level don’t really support gay adoption. They just say they do so they’re not accused of homophobia. Most people see gay adoption for what it is… a sick joke.
  • The UN committee showed it’s anti-Catholic bias, ignoring the facts that show the Vatican doing all it can to deal with abusers within the Church. The UN is an evil institution and it’s just a huge pity that the Church has given it any credibility in the past. I hope that stops now.
  • Archbishop Tomasi’s response is hardly forceful: in fact, I would characterize it as tepid, or even completely spineless, though typical of a modernist Church sunk neck-deep in the quicksand of geopolitics and political correctness. Here is what heshould have said, IMHO: “The so-called ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ is nothing more than a Freemasonic/Communist ruse, under the evil aegis of the United Nations, to destroy the family from one of several angles: by destroying parental authority through the establishment of false ‘rights.’ The Catholic Church rejects this and any and all attempts to make her bow to the satanic agenda of family destruction, and will continue to nurture the family as the cornerstone of civilization and of the domestic church.”
  • I pray for those leaders who courageously stand up to the bullying of the UN and its demonic minions. The Holy See and local dioceses need to publicize the measures already in place to protect children from abuse while simultaneously calling out the merchants of death at the UN for what they are. Oh for a Catholic voice which doesn’t give a toss about popularity but speaks the truth no matter whom it offends!