clarification for christian readers II


When I mention that Jesus said ‘something’ in the Bible, I really mean:

At least one generation after he allegedly existed, someone wrote down that the character Jesus was reported to have said ‘something’.

Just to clarify, I’m not sure that Jesus existed, I have doubts that if he did exist his words could have been accurately recalled (in terms of explicit language and the breadth of any teachings he may have given) and I’m certain that if he did exist, he wasn’t the son of a god called God, or at the same time as being the son of a god called God, existed as one being with a god called God.

When I take time to reference the words attributed to the character Jesus, it is not because I think the words are divinely inspired, but because there is something in the words that I expect Christians should take into account when forming opinions (as they do believe the words to be divinely inspired).

I hold no feelings of malice towards the character Jesus as described in the New Testament. He is reported to have been a kind and caring individual with a message of equality and love that he wished to share with everyone. However, I must confess to feeling slightly put off by reports that he violently rampaged against tradespeople he didn’t agree with, and I’m also rather disgusted at the thought of someone killing a tree because they were irritated with it.

Apart from that, anyone who is reported to have promoted the Golden Rule in times of strife, probably deserves some respect.