comment of the month – dedicated to Ark

cosmos-gone-wild(picture by Ark, all rights reserved, used without permission)

You may be familiar with the blogging works of Arkenaten, one of the most vociferous atheist bloggers around, who normally receives nothing but patronising disdain and overt irritation on the Christian posts he spams with his ‘hateful’ rants. It appears Ark has turned over a new leaf, and now elicits praise galore (well almost) from those he engages in his erudite discussions. Choke on your tea (like I did) if you must.

Arkenaten, you appear to have a formidable intellect (both a blessing and a curse). It must be used with great caution because of the power it can wield. It can become a scaple or a hand grenade, a flame thrower or a healing balm. To present one’s position without conviction is akin to keeping silent on the position. You have admirably demonstrated conviction. But in any pursuit of knowledge there are multiple caveats. We are all susceptible to holding strong opinions that can appear as prejudicial, exclusive, aloof, superior, or even condescending to others. I for one, would like to hear more from you that reveals the vast storehouse of data you appear to possess. I would hope that your emphasis would reveal genuine shortcomings in others perspectives but in such a way that it does not convey arrogant disdain for their opinions. Your opinions, whether right or wrong, can fail to gain the respect they might deserve because you verbally shoot the reader/responder instead of exposing the erroneous idea. I want to anticipate hearing more of your thinking that will precipitate deeper thought and analysis on my part without the feeling that you also desire to execute the people who participate. I respectfully submit this for your consideration.

and this:

Ark has had his over-developed cranium on display in every stitch of this thread. He’s a smarty and no one is denying it. …. Please do not attempt to lower Tisha’s statement to the below-the-belt level of commentary that Ark sprinkles into each post.

and this:

Graciousness looks good on you, Ark. For a stone god you sure have a lot to say. While neither you nor the Pastor were likely going to convince each other, I’m grateful for you both and the time/energy you put into this thread. I learned a good deal and hope others will as well. Indeed, the conversation was “revealing.”

Oh, and he occasionally takes lovely pictures too.