low self-esteem issues


Although many of my posts intend to highlight the ludicrous and harmful nature of religious beliefs through the medium of mockery, on this occasion I’m just feeling slightly perplexed and puzzled by the lives that many Christians must have led.

While lurking through the ‘sin’ tag on WordPress, I came across a post from a woman whose husband had left her for another women, and she was pondering her sin as a divorcee. Weird? But weirder still was the comment from a fellow believer helping her by saying that no-one is worthy of the god God’s love. It did help her. She was happy and she agreed.

So I did a quick Google search to see how many Christians have these thoughts, and really felt I must share the first few of the 4 million search returns I got.

None of us can ever be “worthy” of the LORD’s saving help

Many people feel unworthy of God’s love. The truth is that none of us areworthy of God’s forgiveness

None of Us are Worthy, all Sin, all Fall Short

None of us will ever be worthy

He knows that none of us are worthy to enter His Kingdom

when in fact if we look at all of our lives none of usare worthy

you are not worthy of God’s love and grace

God showed me that none of us are worthy

And of course, none of us is worthy!

None of us are worthy and God already knows that.

None of us are worthy of going to heaven

I’m not worthy. None of us are.

None of us will ever be worthy or “good enough” to merit this gift.

None of us is worthy to receive God’s blessings

NONE OF US are worthy of God’s love.

So, just to put this in perspective: these millions of Christians believe an all-powerful, benevolent being created every single human being to be deliciously free to be just totally rubbish, evil, useless and completely unworthy creatures.

I’m just left wondering what kind of horrible childhoods these people had, or what kind of life could leave anyone with such low self-esteem that they could suck up and agree with such horrendous sentiments.

If I found out that an all-powerful being created me and wasn’t happy with the results, I would expect said being to take full responsibility for such sloppy workmanship.  As it happens, I think I’m pretty cool and if heavenly afterlives exist, I fully expect I’ll have the best spot on the sofa, with virgins serving me booze in a pretty garden – because isn’t that everyone’s eternity dream? Religion – you gotta love the sick male minds that come up with it!