an imaginary exercise for all christians


I’ve stated on many an occasion that it’s very difficult to perform a self-extraction from indoctrinated belief. If the notion of an all-powerful, invisible protector has been a big part of your upbringing, your spongy brain will have laid pathways to protective super-beings that can likely never be repaved.

So, for anyone who has concluded that the Bible is rambling pile of contradictory and hateful, misogynistic nonsense intertwined with some common sense empathy-driven rules for peaceful societies, but still has the deep feeling that the god God must exist, I have developed this little exercise to test out the reality base of your neural pathway to faith.

Imagine there is a benevolent pink dragon seated beyond the clouds who created you and loves you very much. See Dragon the dragon in your mind’s eye. Dragon the dragon will always look after you, and as well as creating you, has undergone serious sacrifices to ensure that your own personal failings won’t lead to your ultimate downfall. When you die, Dragon the dragon will take you an eternal afterlife of love and peace, vaguely described but beyond your wildest dreams of happiness.

Sound good? If that fills the same hole as your longing for the god God, there’s a chance that any imaginary object will do the trick.

(If you don’t like dragons, try the same exercise with horses or dolphins. Only use something human-shaped as a last resort.)