why christianity makes no sense


The following quote from Nate is the best argument against the illogical nature of Christian beliefs I’ve ever seen (besides the Bible itself, obviously). Has Nate discovered the elusive cure for Christianity?

It’s said that our “sin” is the result of our free will. God gave us free will so we could choose him of our own accord. He doesn’t want to be loved / worshiped by robots, of course! And since we have free will, it’s possible for us to sin.

But let’s take this further and consider Heaven. We’re told that if we remain faithful to God / Jesus, then when we die, we’ll spend eternity in Heaven. But wait, how does that work? Heaven is a place of no sin. How can we live up to that standard? Do we lose our free will? If we keep it, how could we remain in Heaven forever without eventually sinning in some way? And if God can somehow make us so that we retain free will but don’t choose to sin, why didn’t he do that to begin with?

Comment reposted with kind permission of Ark, who’s generally too busy arguing about irrelevant issues (like if Nazareth exists or if there are benefits to religion) to notice when the end of Christianity is uttered under his nose; and pending permission from Nate, the nicest atheist in blogland.