nice people in action


As for you, Nate, I trust that you are seeking truth and remaining intellectually honest by affirming atheism. And, I would not be surprised if your morality exceeded that of many Christians.

I admire your open-mined and courteous approach to these issues. It’s always nice to meet fellow seekers, even when (especially when!) they share different points of view.

There is an interesting discussion that has just wrapped up on ‘why christianity makes no sense‘ between an ex-Christian (Nate) and a fundamentalist deconvert atheist deconvert Christian (Anaivethinker). Both are intelligent people who have a surprisingly friendly discussion about their opposing points of view. I recommend reading through it in the comments section of the post if you have time.

The conclusion of their interaction raised a couple of questions for me in terms of how each must view the other.

  1. Why has a nice, intelligent guy who knows theology inside out and seems to live a moral life come to the conclusion that the god God doesn’t exist? Why has he not recognised the unmistakable spine-tingling sensation of proof that comes from the god God?
  2. Why has a nice, intelligent guy who knows theology and evolutionary psychology inside out, and has previously come to the conclusion that no gods exist, returned to believing that his cultural religion of default holds a true message from the One and Only god God?

As a Christian, I would have to think that Nate is to blame because he’s proud or selfish or something. But I can’t see any evidence of this and know lots of Christians who are clearly very proud and selfish but don’t have their view to the god God obscured. Perhaps Satan is to blame for tricking Nate, which isn’t really fair. Why isn’t he tricking Anaivethinker?

As an atheist, I’m wondering why Anaivethinker was, after dismissing religion, attracted back to a belief in the god God, and isn’t suspicious that the god he believes is the same one that is dominant in his culture. Does he think he would have come to the same conclusion if he’d been born in Saudi Arabia or North Korea and the Christian god God had beamed out the special sensation of existence proof? What about if he had lived 600 years ago in his same North American continent?

But generally, I’m just glad there are people who are open to discussing, exploring and reflecting on their beliefs in a thoughtful and meaningful manner, and also that they both show it’s possible to have a civil conversation with someone else of differing views. Well done chaps, it’s good to see nice people in action for a change!