dealing with the problem of men


Curious that it is hard for us to condemn the hungry for being motivated by their hunger, yet easy for us to judge the rapist for being motivated by theirs.

Christians say a lot of seriously silly things when they’re discussing sin, but I think this quote has to take the prize for the most moronic religious utterance on record. Christians tend to be so preoccupied attempting to work out what urges, thoughts and actions they can label as sinful, that they fail to notice that the most important aspect of judging something ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is evaluating the consequences of the action.

In discussion with this particular Christian, he did concede that stealing a bit of bread rarely ruins someone’s life, while rape inevitably always ruins someone’s life. However, I’m still left stunned that hunger for food could ever be equated with any urge to have non-consensual sex. But then maybe I don’t understand how men are wired. Let’s look at some facts about men:

  • men are more likely to commit crime (any crime) than women – around 80% of known offenders are male
  • men commit the vast majority of sex crimes

Men are clearly a problem for our societies and I find it suspicious that we don’t have more open dialogue about how to deal with this problem of testosterone and the evolutionary competition for mates.

Because there is one very obvious answer that is seldom touted. We need to acknowledge that we have evolved thus far as unrestrained breeding animals but the time has come to control the defunct, potentially harmful urges that come part and package of our biological make-up.

I want us to convince the males of our international societies that the way to positively move the human race forward is a mass programme of voluntary chemical castration, which could be interrupted on request for breeding purposes. In fact, I’m wondering why this obvious solution to crime hasn’t been put forward before.

Perhaps when this programme is in place, no man will confuse hunger for food with hunger for violent, non-consensual sex.