Monthly Archive: February, 2014

top 10 benefits of christianity

1. As far as you are concerned, you get to live forever. 2. You get to believe that you are incredibly special and made by someone powerful who cares about you beyond any… Continue reading

an imaginary exercise for all christians

I’ve stated on many an occasion that it’s very difficult to perform a self-extraction from indoctrinated belief. If the notion of an all-powerful, invisible protector has been a big part of your upbringing,… Continue reading

low self-esteem issues

Although many of my posts intend to highlight the ludicrous and harmful nature of religious beliefs through the medium of mockery, on this occasion I’m just feeling slightly perplexed and puzzled by the… Continue reading

comment of the month – dedicated to Ark

(picture by Ark, all rights reserved, used without permission) You may be familiar with the blogging works of Arkenaten, one of the most vociferous atheist bloggers around, who normally receives nothing but patronising… Continue reading

clarification for christian readers II

When I mention that Jesus said ‘something’ in the Bible, I really mean: At least one generation after he allegedly existed, someone wrote down that the character Jesus was reported to have said… Continue reading

lurking 10: the satanic agenda of the UN

The folks at Catholic Truth have been discussing the following: The UN seems to be more interested in savaging Catholic doctrine than concerned about the genuine welfare of children. That’s what I think –… Continue reading

lurking 9: chivalry is in the dustbin

When it comes to lurking, no-one does it better than Clare Flourish. She uncovers the most interesting array of bloggers and is kind enough to share them with the world. Thanks to Clare,… Continue reading

some rules for Christians on slavery and homosexual marriage

rules on slavery 1. Having slaves is fine and dandy and normal. Just make sure they’re foreigners. Leviticus 25:44 “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from… Continue reading