Monthly Archive: March, 2014

freedom from the state

Or it could simply be freedom people are worried about. As there is no right dependent on labor and efforts of others there is no right to healthcare.  As we live in an… Continue reading

a song conveying the pain of romantic love

If you think my posts have been going downhill recently, they’re about to take another nose-dive. I’ve never done a song post before, but this song is ringing round my head and I’d… Continue reading

seeing good in others

I was inspired recently by Clare Flourish to look for something I can agree with in blogs I dislike. I think this is an interesting idea that encourages us to reflect on positive and… Continue reading

an opportunity to talk about me

Where are you hateful? read your blog. Or better yet, I suggest an open post asking the same question, and let all who find your site tell you. One of my many blog… Continue reading

employability and sin

One of the biggest Christian charities in the world has just announced that due to its strict adherence to the Bible, there are a number of its beliefs that are non-negotiable for its… Continue reading

what is religious freedom?

Under the Obama administration, the government compels us to violate our religious conscience, our bedrock, immutable principles, by purchasing products we believe to be immoral. In most countries in the world, religious freedom… Continue reading

blogging tips – how to boost your readership

Now that I’ve been blogging for over a year, I feel like I should pass on some hot tips I’ve observed from other bloggers to boost readership. 1. Spam liking Spam liking is… Continue reading

an invitation to chat with mark about morality

And I’d like to think that even among my critics I’ve shown pretty well why simply saying “morality is a result of evolution” is not a good response as far as the moral… Continue reading

the god God’s contribution to modern medicine

The Christian god God and his son, Jesus Christ, with whom he is one being, left some invaluable advice to us humans about life here on Earth, in their jointly authored book, the… Continue reading

simple explanations

The simplest explanation for the ubiquity and persistence of the human concept of God is that there is a God to whom humans yearn to connect. I came across this sentence in a post… Continue reading