scratching our itches


In a recent post, I suggested that in order to cure the world of violence, we should discuss the obvious solution of offering chemical castration to all men. This post met with little support or interest, probably because we are afraid to tamper with our natural animal chemicals. Or are we?

More than 100 million women in the world use the contraceptive pill. That means they artificially fiddle with the chemicals in their bodies in order to control when they become pregnant. If family planning via chemical control is deemed to be a way to improve living conditions for humans, why isn’t chemical castration for men? Probably simply because we call it that ball-shrinking term ‘castration’.

what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander

So, let’s a take step back and call this potential intervention ‘a long acting reversible hormonal anti-violence therapy’. Because the same hormones that are used for birth control, are used for chemical castration, or should I say the anti-violence therapy. If society deems these hormones fit for voluntary family planning in women, why would society have a problem with men voluntarily taking these hormones to solve the problem of global violence?

assuaging the fears of the gander

Men are clearly afraid of what life would be like if they weren’t thinking about or having sex on a regular basis. I can appreciate this fear but hope everyone will agree that we have reached a stage in the evolution of our species where we realise that the animal urge to breed is no longer necessary: it is evolutionarily defunct. The urge to breed in today’s society serves as much logical purpose as the urge to eat a whole chocolate cake in one sitting.

a wise woman once said

It’s delicious to scrach an itch, but if the itch isn’t there

You feel no urge to scratch, and you don’t miss the itch